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Greetings from my home towns

Not that long ago it was quite normal to send a picture postcard to friends, family and acquaintances when you were away from home. These were often the so called ‘Greetings from …‘ cards. By means of one, two, three or more (small) images, these cards give an impression of a place or city.
For me these cards have a special attraction.

With a single image on the front, a picture postcard is the minimum version of the ‘Greetings from…’ card. It gives an impression of the place. Two images offer already twice as many opportunities to get an impression across. With more images the possibility of giving a more complete impression of a place increases correspondingly.













Greetings from Amsterdam – from 1 image per card to 12

Greetings from Amsterdam

The format of the ‘Greetings from…’ card is always (roughly) the same. More images means smaller images but also the chance to show different viewpoints and impressions of a place. That makes for a more complete impression, more layered and complex. However, because the images become smaller, more details are lost and every image loses sharpness and power. Also, the space between the images, the ‘framework’, becomes more prominent.

That results in an interesting discrepancy: due to the multiple images of a place, more space is created to see the bigger picture. At the same time, a place disappears more from view because of the increasingly smaller images.

For me, the appeal of these ‘Greetings from …’ cards lies in presentation and representation and in deconstruction and construction.


Art works

The use of Italic font in the text or in the caption of an image is referring to complete and sellable art works. In descriptions of the images (mouse-over) 'WORK' indicates that it is (part of) an art work. Studio material or other works are indicated in normal font

Many of the exhibited works are for sale.
If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me via email.



If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me via email - johan.lammerink(at)

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since 2014 Design Director  Tom Postma Design, international architecture and design studio, Amsterdam

since 1994

Visual Artist - self-employed



Design Director – Tom Postma Design, arch. and design studio, Amsterdam


Projectmanager & Designer – Tom Postma Design, design studio, Amsterdam
2000 Planner & Designer – MK metalen, specialist metal company, Amsterdam


Visual Artist – self-employed


Decor Designer and Decor Builder – self-employed

1979 Head of Research Department – Mianzi Miti, drinking water project, Iringa in Tanzania
1994 Visual Artist – G. Rietveld Academy of Art, Amsterdam
1978 Construction Engineer – HTS, Hengelo
1977 Civil Engineer – HTS, Hengelo

Soon you will find here a more detailed CV in the area of art.